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"A Real Horrorshow" by Joanne McNeil (an exploration of my Hysterical Literature project as it relates to A Clockwork Orange)


"By the time Burgess wrote A Clockwork Orange, “female hysteria” had filtered its way to irrelevance, giving way to more specific disorders. But up until the sharp decline in diagnoses, before the concept of orgasm was much understood by male physicians, hysterical women were massaged to “paroxysm,” sometimes restrained to hospital beds. The hysterical woman had an innocent victim — her own body. She was both aggressor and injured party. Rachel Maines writes in The Technology of the Orgasm, “Androcentric views of sexuality, and their implications for women and for the physicians who treated them, shaped the development not only of the concept of female sexual pathologies but also of the instruments designed to cope with them.” The vibrator was invented for the medical assistants with tired arms. And that brings us back to this video for the Hysterical Literature series. We do not see the device, what we see is the effect of a Hitachi Magic Wand operated under the table by an unknown accomplice. When I first watched this video my eyes fixed on Amanda’s nails. Quick talons. I keep waiting for a tapping sound. It doesn’t happen, but I still hear some kind of rhythm — the syncopated beats in Burgess’s strange wordplay.”

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"The Case of the Missing Orgasm," Playboy on Hysterical Literature, female pleasure, and Hollywood


"It’s no surprise that the videos in photographer-filmmaker Clayton Cubitt’s series have been watched more than 20 million times since they first appeared online in August 2012. (According to Cubitt, new sessions will begin rolling out next week.) They’re delightfully subversive—not just because they’re sexual but because the female pleasure on display feels so real. (The response to the question "Are they faking it?" on the site’s FAQ page: “The readers are given no instruction to perform one way or another, aside from being asked to read. What they choose to read and how they choose to react rests entirely with them.”)”